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Looking for a trademark registration attorney? You have reached the site of a leading United States Patent and Trademark Office Registered Patent Attorney.  He specializes as a trademark attorney and has counseled thousands of individuals and companies on trademark registration law.  He has been applying for and obtaining trademark registrations on the USPTO Principal Register and Supplemental Register for over thirty years.

He is a graduate of Harvard Law School.  He is a former Pennsylvania Assistant Attorney General.  He has testified as an expert witness in trademark litigation and lectured on intellectual property law.

Douglas E. White
Registered Patent Attorney
USPTO Reg. No. 30,435

of Acronational
® Trademark Law Firm

San Francisco Bay Area Office:
14 Camino Sobrante
Orinda, CA 94563
Email: Douglas@trademarkapplicant.com
Phone: (925) 258-8000
Fax: (925) 258-8080

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If you want to spend your time teaching yourself trademark law and the filing procedures for applications for federal trademark registration, not to mention responding to PTO Office Action rejections, there are countless web sites on the Internet ready to put your time to full use.  If, on the other hand, you are seeking a hard working, well established and highly experienced U.S. trademark attorney to do the job for you, stop clicking.  Call or email Acronational® Trademark Law Firm.

You may, however, wish to pay a quick visit to our trademark registration attorney résumé or to some brief trademark application filing materials.  Further information is available upon request.